"What the Sheriff's did to my daughter is wrong and could happen to you or someone you know and love."---Michael Richardson
Mitrice Richardson disappeared from the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department on September 17, 2009, after being released at 12:38 a.m. for being arrested and booked on two (2) citable offenses; attempting to defraud an inkeeper in Malibu and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.  

That night, a manager from Geoffreys stated that prior to the time of Mitrice entering the restaurant, she was found in one of staff's vehicle, located in Geoffrey's parking lot, going through his CD collection.   When Mitrice was questioned about  being in the vehicle, she began speaking gibberish. After the staff witnessed Mitrice's bizarre behavior in Geoffrey’s parking lot, she was then allowed to enter the restaurant to order a meal and an alcoholic beverage totaling $89.00 dollars, where again witnesses inside described Mitrice's behavior as strange. She alledgedly told a few people she was from Mars and was here to avenge Michael Jackson's death.  

Geoffrey’s Personnel then called 911 explaining that there was a black woman there acting like she was on drugs and refusing to pay her bill. Listen to actual call.  Three (3) Male Officers from the Mailbu-Lost Hills Sherriff's Department responded to the call at Geoffrey’s, where at least nine (9) witnesses informed officers of Mitrice's behavior.

Mitrice then phoned her great grandmother (using Geoffrey’s phone), who was willing to pay the bill over the phone, but Geoffrey’s Manager declined the payment.  Since Geoffrey’s manager refused to accept payment over the phone, Mitrices' car was impounded along with her purse and cell phone as she was taken into custody at approximately 9 p.m. by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Malibu-Lost Hills Department.

Mitrice's mother, phoned the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff's Department several times Listen To Actual Calls  out of concern for Mitrice stating that this was uncharacteristic behavior for her and that she was quite fearful. Mitrice's mother did not want Mitrice released in the dark in an "unfamiliar" place. She was reassured by the Sheriffs that Mitrice would phone her when she arrived at the station. Mitrice was still in route to the sherriff station at that point. That phone call never came and a mother’s biggest fears were realized as her daughter was released at around 12:38 a.m. in the dark, in an unfamiliar area without her ID, purse, phone, or car.

Several months later after extensive research and an investigation by the LAPD, it was confirmed by LAPD'S  professional mental health consultants (trained mental health physicians) that Mitrice was definitely experiencing some type of mental health challenges, possibly even a mental breakdown that could have been brought on by a multitude of reasons dealing with every day life events and/or stresses.   This was already discovered by nine nonprofessionals who were dining that night at Geoffreys just from a standpoint of common sense. Sherriffs refused to listen that night and it took months for confirmation on something so obvious to innocent bystanders. In addition, LAPD found Mitrice bank card inside the same car that was towed, with several thousand dollars in her savings. 

Perhaps the Malibu-Lost Hills Sherriffs could greatly benefit from an extensive training on how to identify a person in mental health crisis and what steps to take to protect the individual, other inmates, the community residents, as well as themselves. Clearly, this was not a candidate for arrest or a situation that did not need mental health team intervention.

Since the disappearance of Mitrice, family and friends have been trying extremely hard to work with some members of the Law Enforcement, but find it quite challenging given the amount of dishonesty and inconsistencies they have encountered since September 16, 2009.  Four months later, we are still encountering untruths and deception.  The family requested tapes from the Malibu -Lost Hills Sherriffs Department relating to the night of Mitrice's arrest. To date, the family are  being to that these tapes do not exist. The Captain of Lost Hills Sheriffs Station received a promotion soon  after admitting that he is in possession of the video tapes in question. Not only does he have them, he reported that they are in his top desk drawer located in his office.  

I have made many comments and statements regarding this tragic situation with my only daughter, Mitrice, but I end with this: “When you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”  Maybe this really isn’t a cover up or the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriffs are not hiding anything (yea right)!!!!!  I invite all supporters and readers to click here.

                                                        ~Michael L. Richardson, Father~

Mitrice's Story