Justice For Mitrice Richardson will not be served until we learn truth surrounding the circumstances of the unfortunate and
senseless death.....the world lost a
beautiful and precious Jewel!!!

Mitrice Richardson "JUSTICE" Is In Your Hands!
We Need Your Support To Learn The Truth!
Visitors we fully and completely understand today's economical challenges.  Please reach into your hearts and help us raise money for the purposes of lobbying for the "MITRICE RICHARDSON LAW".  Justice and closure can not be achieved until we learn the truth surrounding Mitrice's death and this very passionate and significant law is passed to protect our people, specifically, our women and children--- your women and children!!

This sole purpose of this law is intended to protect and save our women and children. The language will consist of a law requiring that a citizen who has been incarcerated for any reason for any length of time be released to family member or family-known relative with driver's license and insurance. This will be purely a safety precaution and ensure that our citizens are safely released from jails as well as our prisons. Especially, our women and children who are vulnerable and defenseless to the type of tragedy.


Donations can be made via paypal or by mail. Please mail checks or money orders to:

Michael L. Richardson
2851 West 120th Street
Suite "E" #325
Hawthorne, CA 90250
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Donate and help the family make a difference. Help Us impose the
MITRICE RICHARDSON LAW, which could save your loved one from harm or tragedy.