Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Responds to Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca's Claim that Sheriff's Department Did Nothing Wrong in Releasing Mitrice Richardson

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LOS ANGELES - The father of Mitrice Richardson, who has been missing since being released in the pre-dawn hours  of September 17, 2009 from the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff's station, issued the following statement regarding Sheriff Lee Baca's report to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on the written policy of the sheriff's department on the procedures for releasing people from custody who may pose a risk to themselves, including procedures for releasing people after normal business hours who are alone or without a visible means of transportation, or who may have disabilities or impairments and may pose a risk to themselves:

The sheriff's department is wrong.  First they let my daughter go in the middle of the night without transportation, a cell phone, or any money.  Then after repeated attempts for weeks to get the videotape showing my daughter entering and or exiting the station, they tell a little community newspaper in Malibu last week that they don't have any tapes of my daughter--never once notifying the family of this and instead allowing us to read about in the media.  And now this--a report completely exonerating them of doing anything wrong in the handling of my daughter.  This is ridiculous and my daughter is still missing and really it's the sheriff's who were the last verified people to see her.

If I follow the sheriff's departments own logic, it's clear they acted inappropriately.  The initial call regarding my daughter from Geoffrey's to the sheriff's was that she was "acting crazy."  Crazy. Crazy as in mental problems, as in you don't release her on her own in the middle of the night without money, her cell phone, or transportation.  You call her parents and or hold her overnight.

According to the sheriff's policy, "Prisoners with a disability are handled on a case by case basis.  Prisoners deemed to have a medical or mental disability that would prevent them from adequately caring for themselves are released to the care of a friend, family member or caretaker.  If a responsible caretaker is not available to care for the prisoner, the prisoner is released to a qualified medical or mental health facility." 

Now I'm no rocket scientist, but if a woman says she's from  Mars and is here to avenge Michael Jackson's death...chances are she's in need of some help.

My question is, who did they call or who was on duty that night that had the training and background to make the assessment on whether Mitrice Richardson was stable or not?

If the sheriff's handling my daughter would have used a little common sense or even put themselves in our shoes as parents and thought twice before just letting Mitrice out into the middle of the night, my daughter would not be missing.  But because they didn't, she is and they refuse to accept responsibility or even act as though they played a role in her disappearance or that they even care.  We are tired to being lied to and misled by the sherrif's department.  I believe that someone at the Malibu-Lost Hills sheriff's department had something to do with my daughter's disappearance and this report only confirms it for me.

----Michael Richardson