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Attorney General Opens Investigation into Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Regarding Mitrice Richardson

February 12, 2016

After six (6) years and countless efforts with various agencies Michael Richardson, Father of Mitrice Richardson who vowed he would never give up, finally received a letter on February 10, 2016, from California Attorney General, Kamala Harris’ office indicating that her office would be investigating the conduct of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as it relates to the legal review disappearance and death of Ms. Richardson. 
Michael L. Richardson, Father of Mitrice Richardson send's heartfelt and emotional letter one (1) day after  Christmas 2015 to Attorney General, Kamala Harris.

December 26, 2015

"I was just angry at this point! Dr. Rhonda Hampton, a mentor to Mitrice and who has put in countless hours in trying to help the family seek justice for Mitrice was sent a denial letter from the Inquiry Unit of the Attorney General Office less than three (3) weeks after submitting over five-hundred pages of information for them to review.  I said to myself, they could not have possibly reviewed all that information in such a short time." That Angelic voice I often hear and look forward to when no one else is around said, "hey Pop, you on the Peoples Court, you have less then thirty (30) minutes to make your case in 1500 words or less, what do you do?"  After multiple edits, I was able to produce this letter.  "I don't know if it was this simple letter indicating certain things that have taken place in Mitrice case, or the fact that previous Los Angeles County Sheriff, Leroy Baca was arranging a deal to go to Federal Prison for six (6) Months, but I would like to think it was a little of both but mostly Attorney General, Kamala Harris said something like, 
Michael Richardson Talks About Attorney General, Kamala Harris decision to review Mitrice Richardson case on KJLH with Dominique Diprima

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California attorney general opens criminal investigation into Sheriff's Department over Mitrice ... 

This 2015 staff file photo shows Michael Richardson holding a portrait of his daughter Mitrice Richardson, who went missing in 2009 and was found dead in 2010, her family settled with the sheriff's department in a civil case in 2012 for the mishandling of the case. (Photo by Thomas R. Cordova/Torrance Daily Breeze/File) 

By Susan Abram, Los Angeles Daily News 

Nearly six years after Mitrice Richardson’s remains were found in a rugged Malibu canyon, the California attorney general’s office agreed to conduct a criminal investigation of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department when they handled the young woman’s case.

The decision to review the department is a sharp reversal of a previous response made by the attorney general’s office three months ago. Richardson’s family and their supporters had sent nearly 500 pages of documents and reports about the case about the mitrice playing poker online before she lost to Attorney General Kamala Harris’ office hoping she would find cause for criminal action against deputies of the Sheriff’s Department.

Ronda Hampton, a family friend who once mentored Mitrice Richardson and who submitted the 500 page request, received a response from their office in November that denied calls for an investigation.

Legal Case Update 2020 
Criminal investigation in the Mitrice Richardson case is a process in gathering some facts related to the loss of the woman. The principle of this crime has lasted a long time, the surprising fact of this case is that Mitrice had visit online gambling sbobet and post a message on twitter before he disappeared. In Februaty 2020 the judges are now getting confused to reveal their criminal cases. This case is waiting for some evidence that is being collected.
Mitrice Lavon Richardson
Many Supporters want to know the following: How can I help?  What can I Do?

Previous Sheriff, Leroy Baca will be getting sentence on Monday, May 16, 2016 at the Federal Courthouse Downtown. Show your support by attending his sentencing and urge the Judge that six (6) months is just not enough.  

You can also call the Clerk for the Judge who will be sentencing Previous Sheriff Lee Baca and leave messages explaining that six (6) months is just not good enough. 

Judge Percy Anderson
312 N. Spring Street
Floor 15, Courtroom No. 15
Los Angeles, CA  90012
(Clerk, Stephen Montes Kerr)

There is additional things that can be done also but we can tackle them when the right time occur.  

I thank you in advance for your anticipated help.

Michael L. Richardson
Proud, Father of Mitrice Richardson